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You're amazing Melodie! Way to go!


December 9, 2015

Thank you so much for talking with me tonight, I really loved our time together. It feels like you have known me my whole life and I loved having that connection with you. I hope we can do this again soon. Again I can't thank you enough.


August 12, 2015

You read my daughter, my Aunt and me, you are amazing.

Thank You


July 17, 2015

I just had the most amazing reading! You couldn't have been more right with what you have told me! I just want to Than you for everything!

 -Nikki Corinne        

April 2018          

If you ever get a chance to see Miss Melodie she is awesome!!! Seen her at the Psychic Fair today. I am so pumped. I had messages from Mom and Dad and a very dear Friend. And more than that some good life advice. Loved it!


July 11, 2015

I am so AMAZED at the reading I had with Melodie last week Thank you Mom, Dad and Marie for being there for me I feel truly blessed to have connected with some of my loved ones who have passed. Melodie, you are so spot on and I just can't wait till the next reading!!! Till then I just want to say a huge " Thank You" for connecting with them I am still in complete awe as to the things you mentioned in my reading!!! You are definitely a gift from God 👍😉😃🙏❤

OMG...A huge "Thank You" to Melodie for the AMAZING reading last week Thank You to Mom, Dad and Marie for being there for me I feel so Blessed to have Melodie channel my loved ones who have passed. I can hardly wait till the next time that I have a chance to have a reading again WHOO HOOO Bring it on 👍😉😃🙏❤

-Both from Marilyn

June 28, 2015

Thank you Marilyn for your incredible excitement

My Mom, my husband and I each had a reading with Miss Melodie. She is incredible! Her messages were accurate and delivered with kindness. We each asked for validation from our loved ones in different ways and we left knowing that we received validation in more ways than one. We will all definitely have another reading in the future! Thank you Miss Melodie!!

- Teresa

April 22, 2015

It's been so long since I have felt I could breathe... and tonight, you have gifted me with oxygen! So much truth, so much insight, so much love!!! Thank you Melodie, for the absolute best reading I have ever had! I couldn't have asked to be guided to a better person!

- Anna

April 14, 2015

Melodie has done two readings for me and at those times it has always been what I needed to hear. I enjoy getting her guidance!

- Angela

March 19, 2015

I am so happy to see you are embracing your gifts with such passion! You are an amazing woman and am honored to call you my friend..

🌺 My soul sister 🌺

- Roxy

February 25, 2015