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Terms and conditions:

All readings must be paid for 72 hours before the scheduled time. If you need to cancel please provide 24 hours notice before your reading time and date. In these instances although we understand that life has emergencies and things do come up, these reading slots are NONREFUNDABLE and will be rescheduled. We are very happy to work with you to ensure that you get all the best out of your appointments.

An appointment may be rebooked for any reason or changed to phone reading by Miss Melodie. If its cancelled by us, it is to be rebooked within a year of the cancelation date at the latest. It is possible to be refunded only if Miss Melodie cancels and it is agreed upon amicably within these terms. If a refund is given it can take up to 60 business days.

 We understand that the prices of readings may seem expensive to some (we reserve the right to price changes without notice) Miss Melodie has a very difficult time charging any less due to the amount of energy and expense to her. Because She is limited on the amount of time and sessions she can do within a day and it takes a considerable amount of energy to do this work. The energy is mental, physical and emotional and truly a real workout. It may look like she is just sitting there talking to you but she has her hands moving or maybe taking extra breaths to recenter and keep the energy flowing. Because of her high dedication to connect to the other side so deeply, and the amount of love she would like to share Miss Melodie continues to provide these service. Miss Melodie cannot guarantee that a specific loved one will show up, say or mention that special item to give you confirmation. This is often referred to as testing the Medium\Psychic but she will be passing on messages that the other side knows you need to hear, feel and are needing the most. These readings have been shown to allow the connection with intuitive guidance, psychic energy and loving messages that come through to be healing and loving from dimensions beyond what we can see. Others have said it has left them feeling closer to their personal happiness, power and loved ones who've taken a piece of their hearts to the other side.

 Distance readings can be paid for via e-transfer.

Gift Certificates are available upon request, email to arrange purchase.

*If there is a discrepancy between prices listed on the website and prices listed on the facebook page, the facebook page will be taken as the true price*